100% Angora Wool
Angora Sweaters Hand Knitted for a Sumptuos Feel... Custom and Ready Made for your Pleasure

37 Different Colors
Incomparable and beautiful accents to finish
knitwear or for accessories. Angora yarn is
wonderfully fluffy and soft.

Single jersey or more elaborated stitch, all is perfect for nice simple sweaters or scarves, fully fashionable looking, or in very sophisticated evening jackets and cardigans. We offer authentic custom made Angora knitwear such as scarves, mittens, booties… Ask us about our custom made, heirloom-quality Angora sweaters in a variety of colors for your knitting fantasy.

Angora rabbit hand spun knitting yarn. Hand knitted sweaters, scarves, mittens & knitwear with a fur looking halo no machine spinning can possibly yield. Also yarn for weaving & crochet, delivered worldwide...in a variety of colors.

Angora Yarn | 50 gram. | 1.76 oz. | 60 yards approx.
Hand Spun 2-ply 100% Angora Yarn.
2-ply yarns can be knit on a range of needles,
from US size 2 - 5.

So soft and warm! 100% pure angora

Pure rabbit fur yarn is handspun, it is unbelievably delicate to the touch - a truly luxurious Angora product. Use it to knit your own mittens, hats, or booties, or to add that special touch to collars, sleeves, or socks.

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Yarn is guaranteed free of defects
Yarn is guaranteed free of defects

Returns for merchandise exchange accepted if you request return by email and ship back within 7 days in
original condition and package.

Angora yarns are usually shipped from Ohio, USA by UPS (w/online tracking). Worldwide shipping at low costs, rates
to all countries specified at our secure shopping cart.
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Angora wool is appreciated by many who love to feel its soft, fluffy texture which makes it an ideal choice for hand knitting.

We offer hand knit sweaters, scarves, mittens, hats and booties with a fluffy fur looking halo no machine spinning can possibly yield. Discover the irresistible softness of our cardigans, ponchos and boleros, perfect for everyday wear.

Angora sweaters are a true classic which never go out of style. They are so soft and fluffy, they look like they meld into you. The upside is that no rabbits have been hurt to produce these sweaters so you may say they are "the guilt free fur".

Our wool is fluffier than anything else in the market, since our yarn is hand spun with very long selected angora rabbit hair, not mill spun short clipped angora fibers or artificial nylon fibers.

All our products are delivered worldwide through a treaceable carrier in a variety of natural and hand dyed, bright colors.


Our Angora Yarn is Guaranteed Free of Defects

If for any reason the yarn is received with a defect, we will honor our guarantee and allow a merchandise exchange. Otherwise, we do not accept any returns nor color exchanges.

In order to return defective merchandise, you need to request a Return Authorization number by email or by calling our customer service office at 1-800-368-6693 or
. It needs to be shipped back within 7 days in its original condition and package.